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My brother from another mother . Mold is not the same without you!
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Infrared cameras allow us to see hidden moisture and air gaps that would go undetected during a normal visual inspection. We use infrared technology on all of our inspections at no extra cost to the customer..Call Nash Everett at 848-202-5026..
It has to be wet right? Wrong! You don't have to see water to have a moisture problem. Water in the form of humidity is the most common source of mold growth in homes. Not flooding. Nash Everett can detect and make corrections for this common issue. Call 848-202-5026
Continuing on our theme of hidden mold, here we get to see the underside of a HVAC coil. This kind of infestation can be hazardous to your health. The coil sits on the supply side of your HVAC unit and is completely out of site. This means it bypasses any filter systems. Give Nash Everett a call. Find the problem !
Nash Everett proudly announces our new partnership with Germ Buster System. Complete Disinfection and protection against bacteria and viruses for up to 30 days on all surfaces. A healthy solution for your facility , office or home. Call now for a free estimate 848-202-5026
Mold can turn up in unexpected places. This large patch was discovered under a coffee table. At Nash Everett we leave no table unturned! If you think you have a mold problem but cannot find the source, call us or text us today at 848-202-5026
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Mold can hide in sneaky places.Wall paper in bathrooms is never a great idea! Call Nash Everett we will track it down and remove it. #NJmoldremediation
Dust is made up of many different materials, including human and pet skin cells, pollen, hair particles, mold spores, and more. Essentially, what we think of as dust can be made up of dozens, even hundreds of different airborne particles. This means household dust can have a massive particle size distribution. In most homes, household dust will range from as little as half a micron to 100 microns.
One of the perks of the job 😉 This looks like a garden spider..Has to be atleast 5 inches across! Call Nash Everett. We will deal with all your crawl space creepies 🤠👍
This is why we never try to save an older TV during remediation. If you have had a remediation, your sensitive to mold and are not looking at contents...You need to call us. We can help you make the right decisions. Call Nash Everett 848-202-5026
Mold Remediation In New Jersey
It's a dirty job , but somebody has to do it ! Why not call the best? Nash Everett 848-202-5026
True Story...This is all to common! Flipped home, spray the walls with bleach and paint . Young couple less then a couple weeks in the home with two babies! Please pay a qualified mold inspector before you buy. If you see spotty specs like this on the sheetrock, it's a problem. Call Nash Everett 848-202-5026
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Wrong! You do not run your condensate line in the crack of your floating slab. It just creates moisture and elevated humidity. That white stuff is called efflorescence. Alot of people mistaken this for mold, but it is actually mineral/salt deposits being drawn out of the concrete block. The black stuff is mold 😝
Hi I'm Gary Szymanski the owner of Nash Everett. I personally have over 1000 successful mold remediations under my belt. Who are you going to use for your next mold project?  I still perform and oversee every single job! The franchise guys just can't compete. Nash Everett  848-202-5026 #owneroccupied,#smallbusiness,#detailsmatter
It's the small things that make a difference! This gift was given to me by a small princess :) she was 5. She spent the whole time with me investigating mom and dad's house. Only disappeared a few times to change princess dresses ☺️ I guess I'm  a prince 🤴
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Joe likes his coffee tall with cream and sugar. #ceilingwork #njmoldremediation
I want to thank everyone who voted Nash Everett "One Of The Best" in the home improvement category  for the Asbury Park Press readers choice awards . That's two years in a row!!
Thanks again.👍☺️🎖️
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Whats wrong with this picture ?
Entry position available for motivated, bright, individuals. Nash Everett is a full service remediation and restoration company. We provide a wide range of services for customers throughout NJ and PA. Applicants should have knowledge of hand/power tools, be able to work independently/with others, and have a strong work ethic. Job requires working in confined spaces such as attics, crawl spaces.

Pay to be determined but ranges from $14-$25 based on experience .

A clean NJ licence and background check is required. Please call 848-202-5026
You may have a leak and not even know it. At Nash Everett we use infrared cameras on every consultation to track down hidden water damage. We have the tools, we have the knowledge. Call 848-202-5026
Doing a Google search for mold removal or remediation in New Jersey? You may choose a convicted criminal without even knowing it. In fact he will show up at the top of the listings. Do your diligence! Mold is bad enough. Don't hire unsprupulous contractors.
Plug it in, Plug it in. Phthalates and Formaldehyde are two chemicals commonly dispersed by your plug in air freshener. Both of which can cause cancer. Still Smell Good? At Nash Everett we would like to start an "Unplug-It Campaign" who's on board ? Give us a like, share or comment below👍
You know the old saying 

" It's just the tip of the iceberg"

It's important for an investigator to understand that even the smallest sign of water damage can reveal a much larger hidden problem. 

Nash Everett has the experience and tools to identify these hard to find pieces of evidence and put together and a plan of action and correction.

 If you are hiring the wrong contractor you may be missing the underlying problem.
Crawl Selfies !! Gotta love these guys . Thanks Joe and Isreal for busting butt this week and every week. Laughter keeps us alive :)
Couldn't help myself :)
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Do you have these nasty cricket traps in your home? 😝 This is a sure sign of high moisture. Call Nash Everett . We will find and correct the moisture and the crickets will find a new home. Not yours!! 848-202-5026
Sad but true ☹️
Nash Everett . Cleaning places no man has cleaned before! It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it :)
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When it comes to mold whose advice do you trust? Your friends ? Your Contractor? Strangers on the internet? There is no lack of poor advice out there. Learn how to separate facts from fiction. Calling Nash Everett is a good place to start! We know mold! 848-202-5026
Think a new home has a better chance of no mold? Think again. The quality/age of wood can make a huge difference. Mold is opportunistic! Newer forested lumber (see pic right) is much more porous allowing for mold to do what it does best. Break down organic matter. Older forested lumber (see pic left) has a much tighter grain which is much harder for mold to root in. Older wood is also  typically easier to clean. So if mold has a choice (which it does) it's going to choose new construction over old.
Beware of the contractor flipped home! The most vulnerable prospects for these flippers are young first time home buyers. They know how to lure you in with new floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and a nice paint job. What's left untouched are the most expensive fixes that will get you down the road like mold, water damage, old furnaces etc.. Don't be a victim of the cheap flip! Call Nash Everett 848-202-5026
First suit up is always the best. Lets welcome Omarr to the Nash Everett team! 👏
Mold can be so beautiful yet so dangerous. Interesting patterns found today .
Unvented bathroom fans cause mold..We can fix that! Call Nash Everett 848-202-5026
Congratulations to James our Project Lead on your new baby boy ! May he bring you as much joy as my son has the past 8 years. Oh and good luck with the sleep thing :-)
For all you complainig about the heat today.. feel free to out with our attic remediation this week ☹️😜🤠Attics can reach temperatures of 150 to 160 degrees F during a summer day, although outside air temperatures are only 95 to 97 degrees F.

Real men remediate !!  Call Nash Everett 848-202-5026
Here we go again . Guess the amount of insulation bags! Rules: no employees of Nash Everett, One guess per person, first person closest without going over receives a $25 gift certificate for Amazon....and go!
From remediation to rebuild! Nash Everett can get it done. No need to look for other contractors. We can handle all the rebuild from mold remediation to completion! Call 848-202-5026
Some jobs are jobs before they are jobs. Joe loading in for a lakeside project.
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Does your contractor have insurance? How do you know? If your contractor is providing a copy of their insurance certificate, can you be sure they are insured? The answer is no! When requesting an insurance certificate , make sure your name and address are specifically noted. Lots of contractors like to trick people by paying their down payment, cancelling the policy and using a copy to provide their customers. Beware of this practice! A request to the insurance agent must be put in for every job , where they provide a customer specific and dated certificate . Usually the process take about 24 hours.
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So here is a common nasty we come across all the time. Laying fresh insulation over old. There is likely all sorts of contaminates now hidden out of view such as dust, particles , rodent feces etc.. before we insulate we pull out all old, hepa vacuum and disinfect all attic bays. You can't hide poor air quality!
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Entry position available for motivated, hardworking individuals. Nash Everett performs indoor air quality services which include mold remediation, mold investigation, ventilation, and reconstruction. Ideal candidate should have some labor experience but not required. Experience is a plus $ . Starting pay is $16-$17 an hour..Must have a license and be able to pass a background check. Fast advancement $ for the right person . Call 848-202-5026 Please Share!
Do a quick inspection of your home every month. Splash back is a very simple clue that your gutters are clogged. A simple cleaning of the gutters is the best way to assure water is not entering your basement or crawl space.
We like ventilation , but sometimes the best choice is a quality, efficient dehumidifier. Nash Everett can come to your home for a no cost evaluation to see what works for you. 848-202-5026
Try getting this through airport security 🙄 I kinda knew we would have some troubles. We needed this camera snake for our out of state inspection. Luckily after serious scrutiny we were allowed to board ☺️
Sometimes problems can lie deep inside the HVAC system, drains or walls. Nash Everett can get an up close look!
How the heck do rocks make it 30 feet into your HVAC supplies? Give us a call. We can tell you why, and we can go to places no other man has gone before ... Like 30 ' inside your duct work 😜
Can anybody guess at least two things wrong with this picture ?
Mold has taken me to places I never thought I would be :) Quick road trip to help some good people from out of state .  Want to book Nash Everett to come visit you? Give us a call. We can make it happen. 848-202-5026
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